Daily Archives: 23. September 2015

Detailed Grunge Brush Pack

This pack contains 12 high-resolution, detailed grunge Photoshop brushes that can serve a multiplicity of purposes. From adding grime to dirtying up a design, and creating abstract grunge artwork, these brushes give you the tools you need to create it. Feel free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects,...
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DinPattern Grunge Brush Set 1

Have some fun with a new grunge pattern brush set for photoshop. Insideare 5 select patterns turned into vintage, worn brushes for usage on anyartwork desired. We’ve taken Bones, Winchester Walls, Old Vine, Haunted IIand Aloha Turkey; roughed them up and ran them through the brushtreatment. Enjoy! Sourced through Scoop.it...
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Free Arrow Grunge Brushes

This set of arrow brushes is created using Photoshop CS4. Different arrow shapes are combined with a round hand made grunge texture to obtain these grunge arrows. I hope you decide to add my arrow brushes to your collection of free brushes. Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.brusheezy.com...
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