Welcome to Rank Tracker, a powerful system for monitor your Google Rank, generate reoport and manage user and client.
With this tool you can:
  • Easy to install, with a powerfull interface
  • Create unlimited project
  • For every project you can choose search engine and keyword
  • Manual update the ranking
  • Graph and table about the ranking
  • Send the report via mail
  • Add infinite proxy (or not use them)
  • Create unlimited project
  • Instant email report
  • 4 level of user, with a manage tool
  • Schedule ranking check every X day and send the table report to unlimited addres for every project
  • Add a new client and give it access to one or more project to see
  • Edit your account
  • Register user
  • Responsive
  • and more...


A list of requirement:
  • Curl
  • PHP 5.4
  • MySQL databse
  • Internet connection
  • Cron Jobs *
  • Configured mail server *
*Optional, the main feature work, but not all the feature


For this project is use:


Create the database

Createa database from PhpMyAdmin for example, remember the name, the password and the username for access. The user must have all the permission.


Copy the script in a folder, where you prefer and go to the folder /install.
For example you copy the script content to www.example.com/rank, for install go to www.example.com/rank/install.
Now insert the admin information, your name, your surname, the email (that it used for access) and choose a password.
Insert the database information, the host, the database name, the database username and the password.
Insert the base url of the script, link www.example.com/rank/, remember the last / or not work.
Insert the principal mail, this is used for "from" where send an email.
Select the initial role (better if it is subscriber, after you can enable it, it is for preventing abuse). Now replace the code you receive in "inc/config.php" file.
Warning! After finish delete the install folder or rename it.
If it is all correct you can log-in with the username and the password you choose.


Subscriber is the lowest level, he can't do nothing. The admin must be promote it.


A client is created by the agency level and can only see the report that the agency give access to them.


For see a report simply click on the report that you want to see in the left column.
You can insert an email addres and send the report summary (the table you see immediatly after the screen) via email.
Email report
Home page of the report
Graph report

For every key you see the graph or the table with the 7 day history ranking, if present. On the left there is a small hand that indicate if the rank is better or lowest compared the last check. If the cron doesn't run with regularity take the last valid date of the period for the report.
If is not in top 100 the position is set to 101 in the graph (limitation of google chart API).

Edit profile

You can change your name or password, simply click your name.

Lost password?

On the home page click the lost password button, insert your email e get a new one.


Agency can create project, create client, assign a client to a project to view it, add a proxy, schedule project.


In the project page you can add a project, simply click "Add project" button. You need to insert the name and the url (it's ok www.example.com). Now click the edit button, you can add the keyword (remember, one per line), the language of search and the extension of google. Now click the update button for update, confirm and wait. If all it's ok you see a message of success, if something goes wrong you see a error message. Please control you internet connection and the proxy you use, try to delete it if not work.
There is a delay to 15 second to one query to another one, for preventing blocking from Google. You can change it on line 122 in the file search.php (the time is in second). You can also delete a project or update all the checked. To see the detail click the star button (see client section for more detail ).


In this section you can create a user, add the name, the surname, the email and the password. It can log in with this information.


You can schedule an automatic update for your project. Select a project, select every X day to update. After you can write the email (one per line) to send the new report.
Warning! Remember to set up the Cron for make this feature working.


In this section you can add a proxy, write the ip and the port, after add a delay for one page to another one. The function is in file search.php on line 22. It select a random user proxy.


Admin can do the same things can do the agency level, but it has a Admin page.

Change level

In this page the admin can change the level for the user or delete press the delete button.

Update / Cron

Set a cron job to /update.php file for update the data. Remember that you need to schedule the project in schedule section, only the scheduled project are executed.